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Old Santee Canal Park

900 Stony Landing Road
Monck's CornerSC  29461
(843) 899-5200

Hours:  9:00a to 5:00p


$3.00 per person
$2.00 Senior Citizens (65+)
Free for children 6 & younger

The construction of the nations first canan began in 1793, 10 years after America declared their independence from the Bristish Empire. The canal was named the Santee Canal. The Santee Canal was 22 miles long with w locks to lift boats from the Santee River to the summit level and seven locks for the descent of the boasts to the Cooper River.

Today, most fo the Santee Canal lies beneath Lake Moultrie, but visible portions remain where boast entered from the Santee River and at Biggin Creek. In Moncks Corner is where you will find the Old Santee Canal Park.

The 195 acre park was opened in 1989. Among its attractions re the Stony Landing House, built in 1843, and four miles of boardwalks through the quiet backwaters of Biggin Creek and its surrounding swamp. The Interpretive Center has historical records of the area's history that date back to 4000 B.C. It also includes the 1863 construction fo the Little David which is a semisubmersible Confederate torpedo boat used in the Civil War.