Citadel Square Baptist Church in Charleston SC.

Five. Citadel Square Baptist Church

328 Meeting Street (The Boroughs)
CharlestonSC  29401
(843) 577-3707

Citadel Square Baptist Church was the fourth Baptist church built in Charleston, South Carolina. The name refers to the church's location on upper Meeting Street which at the time was named the Citadel.

The construction of the church began in June 1855 and the new building was open on November, 1856. In 1885 a hurricane blew over the original steeple and a year later, the 1886 Charleston earthquake damaged the tower. Both the steeple and the tower were repaired and installed. The steeple was later blown off the church with Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston. When the new steeple was built it was 210 feet shorter.

A Sunday school building was added in 1891.


Citadel Square Baptist Church was the first in Charleston to televise its services for more than 40 years.