Old Citadel, The (Embassy Suites Hotel)


Old Citadel, The (Embassy Suites Hotel)

Eight. Old Citadel, The (Embassy Suites Hotel)

337 Meeting Street (The Boroughs)
CharlestonSC  29401

The original site of The Citadel was built in 1829 on what is now Marion Square in downtown Charleston. It is a two story Romanesque structure, incorporated an interior courtyard with Doric columns and Roman arches. It began as a state arsenal and was first guarded by federal troops from Fort Moultrie. But in 1832 South Carolina removed the troops because of a disagreement with the federal government over imposed tariffs and removed the federal troops replacing them with the South Carolina militia.

In 1842 the Governor of Charleston proposed converting the arsenal into a military academy. The state legislature approve his idea and in March, 1843 the school's first cadets arrived at the Citadel Academy. The first class of Cadets graduated from the Citadel Academy on November 20, 1846, with 6 Cadets receiving diplomas.

On February 18, 1865, the Citadel stopped operating as a military academy when Union troops captured Charleston and occupied the Citadel building and grounds. The Citadel remained as federal government property for nearly 17 years, and was used as a garrison by federal troops.

In 1882 the Citadel was reopened for cadets. The Citadel student body continued to grow over the next few years and a larger facility was planned to accommodate more students. In 1922 the school officially opened on its new campus along the Ashley River.

 Today the Old Citadel is owned by Embassy Suites and operates as a hotel.