Cannon Park


Cannon Park

Nine. Cannon Park

131 Rutledge Avenue (Harleston Village)
CharlestonSC  29401
(843) 724-5003

Cannon Park is a 2.7 acre public park located in peninsular Charleston. It is located in Harleston Village at the corner of Ashley Avenue and Bennett Street.

This property was given to the City of Charleston in the early 1800s for a public park. Over the years the park land was used for many different purposes such as a convention hall, theater, City Hospital. In January 1907 the city agreed to leased the hall to the College of Charleston to house its museum. In October 1980, a fire destroyed the hall leaving only its four grand columns which were at the entrance to the museum. Fortunately the museum had already moved to it new location on Meeting Street.

In 1981, the city proposed a redevelopment of Cannon Park. The proposal was to retain the four grand columns as the focal point and establish the landscaping around them using palm trees and oaks.

The park today has a playground and walking paths. While the park is unfenced, it does allow unleashed dogs.