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Six. Saint John's Lutheran Church

5 Clifford Street (Business District)
CharlestonSC  29401
(843) 723-2426

Hours: Open to the public Monday - Friday, 9:00a to 4:00p

The first Lutheran congregation was formally organized in Charleston in 1752, and their first building was dedicated in 1764. This wooden building with a steeple stood behind the site of the current church on Clifford Street, which was known in 1788 as "Dutch Church Alley."

The St. John's Lutheran Church houses Charleston's oldest Lutheran congregation. It was built beginning 1816 through 1818. The rectangular, stucco brick building combines Federal and Baroque elements. The Italianate steeple with bell-shaped roof was added in 1859.

St. John's is one of more than 1400 historically significant buildings within the Charleston Old and Historic District.

Hours:Open to the public Monday - Friday, 9:00a to 4:00p