Miles Brewton House


Miles Brewton House

Thirteen. Miles Brewton House

27 Kings Street (South of Broad)
CharlestonSC  29401

Miles Brewton House was built between 1765 - 1769. It is an excellent example of Georgian Palladian architesture. The house is a two story design which includes four main rooms on each floor and a main facade with a two stor portico. You can see the intricate ornamentation created by English wood carvers. This house is a perfect example of the "Charleston double house"

Definition of a Double House is one that faces full length to the street and is characterized by a central hallway running through the house with four rooms on each floor. Two in the front and two in the back with living areas assigned to the first floor and bedrooms on the second.  It too has covered piazzas running along the length of the house.